06/22/18 – Update

A few months ago, I recorded some vocals for Lenny Gaire-Bleuven. He released his new amazing post-rock album “happy cloud” recently. You should definitely take a listen to it 🙂

04/20/18 – Update

Today, I’m proud to share with you my new Electronic / Trip hop EP “The Void” available on all streaming platforms !


Aline Le Gonidec: Music, lyrics for “The Void”, vocals, mixing, artwork
For more: enliamusic.com
Chloé Paya: Lyrics for “Silence”, logo
For more: www.c-paya.fr/
Leee Zimmer: “Heroes” remix
For more: https://soundcloud.com/id3
Nils Sinatsch: Mastering
For more: www.neon-insect.de/